A Complete Hotlink.cc Premium Account Review


Hotlink.cc is a renowned file hosting site that is uniquely designed to provide users with a place to store their files on a secure platform. Ideally, users can upload their files such as music, movies, television shows and games on the Hotlink.cc server. From here, they can easily share them with their family members, friends and other internet users. Furthermore, the site has an earning option for the premium account users through the pay per sale and pay per download programs.

There are basically two types of accounts on this platform: the free account and the premium account. Even though the most basic account is free, it has a number of limitations that might hinder or slowdown your operations. For instance, you can only access the download speed of 100 Kb/s, which can be quite inconveniencing if you are dealing with numerous large files. Under this account you can only upload a file size of up to 1 GB. Moreover, it only allows for one parallel download at a time.

Some of the benefits you will not enjoy under the free account include immediate download, file recovery, copying files, setting your download priority, accessing download accelerators and Unlimited storage. Moreover, under this account, you will not be able to upload your files through Torrent, FTP or URL. If you want to overcome all the limitations that are faced by the free account users, you need to upgrade to the Hotlink.cc premium account.

Of the two Hotlink.cc accounts, this is the best as it allows you to access so many features that are otherwise not available under the free account. For instance, you will be able to access a download speed of up to 100 Mb/s, which is the best if you are dealing with large files. Moreover, you can upload file sizes of up to 10 GB and download files of up to 10 GB in size. You will also be able to start downloading the files immediately. With the premium account, you can initiate the file recovery options or copy files whenever you want. Furthermore, if you want the files to be downloaded in a certain order, you can set them starting from the most critical to the least critical, thanks to the Download Priority option.

If you are in a hurry but still want to download all your files, there is no need to worry as you can always use download accelerators, which virtually increases the speed at which the files are downloaded. The account allows for maximum parallel downloads, which means that you can initiate the downloading of several files at the same time. The Unlimited storage is meant to help you enjoy maximum storage capabilities for your files. Moreover, you can upload your files via Torrent, FTP and URL.

It is an intuitive account that is quite easy to use. Moreover, unlike the free account, here you will enjoy adds-free operation. This simply means that you will not be faced with the issue of annoying advertisements that blink from every corner of your page. This will give you ample time to concentrate on whatever you are doing.

Some of the plans under the premium account include.

  1. The One Month Plan: Under this plan, you are required to pay up to $14.95 for the entire period or $0.49 per day.
  2. The Two Months Plan: Here you will be required to pay $22.95 for the whole period or 0.38 per day. You will get a 25%-off discount.
  3. The Three Months Plan: This is the most popular plan among most users. It will only cost you $34.95 for the entire three-month period or $0.388per day. The good thing is that you will benefit from a 25% discount.
  4. The One Year Plan: Here you will get a 51%-off discount, hence you will be expected to pay $89.95 for the entire one-year period or $0.246 per day.


The good thing is that you can pay for premium hotlink.cc access through a variety of payment options. They include VISA, MasterCard, Union Pay, Amex, Discovery, Reseller, JCB, the Paysafe Card as well as Bitcoin. Moreover, the payment is usually done on an SSL encrypted platform which is safe and secure. If you are looking for a secure cloud storage platform where you can upload, download and even share files with your loved ones, the Hotlink.cc premium account will serve you best.

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