A Review of Turbobit Premium Accounts

Turbobit has a pretty simple tagline on its homepage: “share your files, free”. This promise of a free service is enough to draw people in. Nobody wants to spend a fortune on a file upload service, even if they plan to use it frequently. It is true that there is a fairly advantageous free package on offer here. However, many users would agree that the paid Turbobit premium service is a much better choice. Let’s go through the different accounts and features in this Turbobit review.

Is Turbobit safe?

Safety is one area where users have had some complaints in the past. It seems that while the site does provide a great basic safety net for most individual users, there are issues higher up the chain. Some Turbobit reviews from users talk about the site’s slow reactions to DMCA notices from companies. This suggests that they are keener to protect an individual’s files than the rights of those that created the material. Users are also warned to take good care of their deletion links on sensitive material. Those that lose the link have to wait until the file reaches its expiry date.

Otherwise, safety seems pretty good here. For example, there is no chance that other users will be able to take files from your storage area. Turbobit ensures that it is impossible to search for anything but your own uploads. There is also a measure in place to make sure that users can’t create more than one account.

Turbobit standard account.

The standard account offers most of the features that users need to get by. There is enough storage here for a pretty average number of files, and users have access to that storage for 30 days. All users also have the chance to re-download files after uploading them, with no extra charge. This is a great, simple tool for anyone that wants to bring an important file back to their computer, or that perhaps uploaded the wrong file in error. All users, regardless of the amount paid, also have access to the simple interface and search. The problem with a standard account is that it offers the bare bones of the service. There is a 60 second waiting time on files, no immediate start and limited download slots. This can get pretty frustrating for regular users, which is why the following option is a little more appealing.

Turbobit premium account

There are benefits to upgrading an account to a premium Turbobit plan. The first benefit here is that the fixed time period on storage files increases to 90 days, with unlimited download slots. This is a significant improvement that many users will appreciate. Another bonus feature here is that there are absolutely no ads. Ads are an annoyance, but vital for revenue on free services. This premium account cuts them all out. All premium accounts also come with the maximum download speed, parallel downloads and no waiting times. The estimated download time decreases from 3 minutes and 25 seconds to just 1 second. This drop could make a big difference for clients with large numbers of files. Premium Turbobit users have access to all this as soon as they sign up. This is true no matter the price plan, which bring us to our final point.

Payment plans

There are four different payment plans in place. This choice should help users find the method that suits them, at the most convenient and affordable rate. Some new users may decide to opt for the 30-day plan. At just $9.95, this is a nice trial period of the premium features. It also isn’t too big a loss if users decide the system isn’t right for them. From there, buyers can choose between the 180-day plan ($34.95), the 365-day plan ($59.95) and the 732-day plan ($89.95). As you can see, the value for money increase along the line. The latter is a great deal for those already committed to the system and in need of long-term storage.

turbobit price

Is Turbobit right for you?

There are definitely benefits to this Turbobit premium account. The speeds, storage space and lack of ads improve an already user-friendly system. There are enough features here to help users with their file uploads and re-downloads, and all within an affordable payment plan.

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