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As we talk about cloud storage providers, it’s very important to ensure that not only is it reliable, but it also offers optimum safety to its users. One of the most popular cloud storage solutions out there is, and that’s why we have decided to do some research and help you figure out Upstore safety offerings to its users.


For starters, is the type of cloud storage provider where information can be uploaded and downloaded later on. That means you’ll be able to share your files with anyone by simply giving them the download link. It’s also worth noting that the information can be accessed remotely using any web-enabled devices– be it mobile or computer. As for security, users don’t have to worry about their information or files getting stolen, because takes pride in offering the following security measures, especially with a premium account:

Full Control by the User

As an premium member, you’ll be able to enjoy full control of the files you store on That means you can control the privacy of your files, and these files would be available as long as you’re signed up for a premium plan.

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100% Secured Servers

There are a lot of cyber criminals out there. For that reason, made it a point to fully secure their servers from data breach and unauthorized access with the use of only the best mechanisms available. That means you’ll be able to upload even the most confidential information with the confidence that it wouldn’t get stolen.

Password Protection

Before you can access the cloud store, you’ll be asked to type in the password. That means no one would be able to access the files easily, unless they know your password.

Physical Security of Servers

State-of-the-art techniques were utilized to fully protect the servers, and it’s also being updated and reviewed regularly. Aside from that, data are reflected in the data centers and stored in storage entities, providing more protection against getting corrupted. The data is also duplicated in another data center to secure it in case of data breach.

Verisign Secured Certification

Being Verisign secured means that your connection would only go through this, and you’ll never get redirected. That means you’ll be safe from phishing scams.

Spyware Protection

The cloud makes sure that you are fully protected against sharing sensitive information to a malicious recipient. Basically, the servers only respond to clean devices, and if there’s something unusual, it would notify the user about it.

Advanced Encryption

There are instances where you’ll have to share sensitive information when signing up for an account. This can include your credit card information and other credentials that should remain private. Rest assured that uses a 256-bit SSL to secure the data in their website. This means users will be able to store and transfer their information without getting compromised.

SSL and Firewall

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, uses SSL to encrypt data, and this means every file uploaded in the system stays safe. Likewise, even when a user has a firewall installed in his computer, Upstore could still function properly, as it’s made to bypass that.

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