The Benefits of Having A Katfile Premium Account

What’s Included in a Katfile Premium Account?

Katfile is already one of the top file hosting sites that let registered users to upload their data content without any costs, but it gets better as offers Katfile Premium where you can use the site’s services without any restrictions.

All users can make use of the website without paying for anything, but it isn’t without limitations. For one, free, unregistered users cannot upload their data nor store their digital files and can only download with a limit of 1 GB per day. When you register on the site, you may upload your content and store them in, but only for up to 1 GB in size, and for up to 1 TB in storage space. In download terms, they can download for up to 2 GB worth of data file before a 48-hour restriction is set in place. In short, signing up as a free, registered user is great for short-term uploading and downloading options, but the restrictions aren’t really suited for those who need to download large files consistently and share them with other people.

A Premium account has no such restrictions, making it essential for individuals who wish to use it for commercial purposes in hosting regularly downloaded files. Katfile Premium users also have the liberty to share any and all of their files with friends.

Why Choose a Katfile Premium Account?

Some of the benefits of having a Katfile Premium account include up to 100 Mb/s download speed, the ability to upload files up to 10 GB in size, unlimited download capacity, support for download accelerators and resume capabilities, no delays or wait time for the next download, no captcha, no ads and a 60-day keep for the last download instead of the regular 30 days for registered Katfile users.

Heavy downloaders and people who will need to share a lot of large-sized files in the shortest time possible should get a Katfile Premium account. Those who are expecting a lot of traffic can also earn some money as an uploader based on how many people have downloaded your content. Check the terms and conditions carefully while considering uploading dubious data, as pornographic and/or copyrighted content are not allowed.

Businesses may not be able to utilize the 60-day download policy with a Premium, but they can take advantage of the other features. They can easily upload and share large file sizes that are too big to download or sent via email or by other methods. They can also upload content that their customers and followers can easily download without the costs of running their own web hosting platform.

Don’t forget that a Katfile Premium account also works very well for personal uses. Registered premium users can share many files with their friends and family. Large file sizes with the highest video and audio quality content, such as a recording or a concert film using high-resolution camera and audio equipment can balloon up to more than what is allowed by regular storage or file sharing sites, but a Premium provides convenience by being a one-stop filesharing site for many functions. If you’re happy with Katfile’s service and want to be free of upload, storage and download limits, then it is in your best interests to get a Katfile Premium account.

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